We updated the older content

Greetings everyone!

Each month, I take care of one big project. Last month, it was the update of our website (I’ll make a post about it soon). This month, I took care of updating the older content.

I’ve received dozens of requests to organize it in folders. I knew it would take me several days, and it did. But it’s well worth it.

With the amount of content we release, it means each year there are about ~150 new links to click to gather all of our new content. The size of the list on The Roost – MASTER ARCHIVE increased dramatically, and it almost becomes a chore for new patrons to access the content. It’s also difficult for patrons who come every 3-4 months to “update” their folder, to remember what they have downloaded or not. In that regard, we made some changes2E

The changes

Zip rename. From now on, the .zip will be renamed [MGS Audio] instead of [Michael Ghelfi’s Audio]. Why? It’s shorter, it doesn’t have a [‘] so it works better on some systems, and it’s fairer towards Filip and possibly other composers who will join MGS.

In that regard, I strongly suggest you rename your actual audio folder with that name.

Reorganization. Older content has been organized in big folders that aggregate the content on a span of six months. We’ll keep doing that. Each six months, we’ll bundle everything, reorganize if need be, and share it as a new post that will be linked in the main archive.

Folders merged. We merged the [Any] and [Medieval] folders in the [Michael Ghelfi’s Audio] folder. The [Any] was barely used and splitting some packs between two main folders isn’t ideal. We think it makes it easier for everyone. We suggest you do the same.

Format conversion. Older tracks were in .mp3, or 44khz .ogg. Now, everything is in 48khz .ogg

No post deletion. All posts are still present. You can always access them from the bundles pages. That’s useful if you want to download the collaborations elements (maps, pdfs, etc.)

Files renamed. Many few files have been renamed and moved in other categories/subfolders. We especially got rid of “Michael Ghelfi’s Patreon Exclusive Audio” or whatever the prefix/suffixe was.

When I first started this file structure, I never imagined it would grow this big, with that many new songs, ambiences (and maybe lots of SFXs soon?). I know it’s kinda annoying to have the old stuff moved, but that’s a necessity. I followed the tags from Michael Ghelfi Studios – Audio works list – GoogleC2A0Sheets.

Moulinette. I still have to make some tests on Moulinette. To see if it’s useful or not to update that side of it the basic Moulinette architecture made it organized ‘by essence’.

Folders renamed. We got rid of the “&” in two folders names in the Music category. Some systems don’t like ampersands so we replaced them by “and”. We suggest you do the same.

All of our following releases will follow these new rules.

Thanks a lot for your attention. We are always eager to hear about your feedback. If you see any inconsistency in the names somewhere, please inform us. We’ll correct that asap.

Check it out!