June’s Map of the Month Preview – City of the Shadow Sword

Hey everyone,

We’ve been hard at work on the next MotM. C2A0We decided to go with a shadowfell theme, and after some brainstorming have come up with this – a ruined city in the Shadowfell with a deep river, and the home of the Shadow Sword2E

This is a big ol’ 60×60 map, so plenty of space to explore and fight!

The variants we’ve decided for this map are:

  • blighted land with acid river
  • overgrown forest ruins
  • Hades/Underworld with River Styx

Alt-Version Ideas!

What alt-version would you imagine for this map? How we could reskin and redesign it to make it into something different?C2A0

Put your comments below and we’ll pick our favourites then create a poll for you to decide!

Check it out!