Hey heroes!

As I mentioned a couple weeks back, I’m going on a week-long vacation to take some much-needed R&R.

If you backed the Kickstarter and got a PDF of Book Two, I also just released the first look of the Book Two PDF on Backerkit. I hope it gives you some enjoyment during the week! And if you find any errors in it while going through, you can submit anything you find at saddleb.ag/fix.

Plus, if you didn’t get to read it yet, check out the latest setting and subclass! Cards and Caravans is a modular set of rules to easily make memorable groups of travelers who are traveling on the same roads as you are! And the subclass is the Bard’s College of Four Suits! A card-throwing game genie of a bard who can support allies and damage foes from afar using their magical deck of cards! You play this subclass with real cards, or using a deck of cards online!

And, as with all Saddlebag vacations, you can expect donated content here every day I’m out. This content’s been shared with you by friends of mine in the community whose work I think is really, really great. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Please consider supporting these to-notch creators: your support helps make D&D better for everyone!

If anything comes up and you need immediate help, please reach out to a moderator on the Discord: they have the means to reach me in a pinch. Otherwise, I’ll see you in week!

Keep on adventuring! See you soon!


Check it out!