Gryphon Roost Inn

Hey everyone!

So many people had told us that they appreciate the floating sky island stuff we’ve been releasing that we thought we’d dedicate a map to it!

So here is our cute Gryphon Roost Inn, floating high amongst the clouds and offering a warm bed and a pint of ale (or cup of tea if you prefer) to any passing by. Most visitors come via airship but there are stables for those on gryphonback or riding pegasi. There’s even the occasssional portal that opens up in case you’re not so aerially inclined.

There’s four floors in total. The image below shows how the different staircases lineup:

Oh and the airships are turned off for most variations in case your world isn’t that high tech, but they’re in the files as PNGs. Enjoy your stay at the Gryphon Roost Inn!

And for those that missed it last time, please check out our new project Questiary and grab yourself some awesome 5e monsters. 🙂