Recruit and be rewarded!!!

Hello everyone! F09FA5B0

I’m going to try a SOMEWHAT new thing this month to raise the awareness of
Daybreak Miniatures and hopefully make it grow a bit. If you help me to
recruit people, you will be rewarded with one previous release per new
patron that you successfully direct TO US. So talk with
people you know that LOVE 3d printing, post in the forums that you
are currently using and spread the word about the current release “The
Powerbrokers of the Void”

Patron page:

Video of the current release:

DM me on patron when A PERSON YOU KNOW HAS signed up and I will add A
release of your choosing to your MMF library asap!

You can use this text in the dm:

I recruited: (name of the person or patron user name)

My MMF email: (your email)

My reward will be: (the release name)

Have a great week! F09FA5B3

Check it out!