The Goblin Cave 1 Finished!

Hi everybody,

the first batch of the release is finished!

You can download now the models on Drive (check the pinned post) and MMF, for which I am sending out the invites.

In the renders you can see the four main parts of the Goblin Caves. The OpenLock modular tiles (18 STLs), the Goblin Village (26 STLs), the Mushroom Farmer (36 STLs) and the finished Green Mother Altar (19 STLs) that I showed you some time ago.C2A0

As always, I focused on making things detailed and playable: I can’t wait to put them in front of my players. I’ll leave the images to say the rest 🙂 What do you think?

Now it is time for some Goblin Sculpts, and then, the Iron Mine. In the coming days I will post the poll for July!

Thanks again for the support. I wish you happy hobby time!

Check it out!