Bridge Market – 24×52

Hello! A welcome to the new folks! Thanks for being here!

Today I have fewer variations, just because the map is bigger, and it took longer than usual… Still, I hope you like it!

About the Map:

There is a large and sturdy paved bridge, which connects the outlying districts to the gates of the city center.

The slope is very subtle, which makes the bridge passable by small wagons. The important thing is not to damage the large statues of Father and Son, founders of the mercantile district.

If by any chance it is difficult to “not destroy the city” (which I hope you do), a damaged version of the bridge will help Citizens and Adventurers!

There is enough room for a fleeting encounter, but honestly, I don’t know if I would like to find out that these merchants have powerful friends … Beware of smiling Kim and her father. He is a man of short stature, but of very high social status.

And now, it is time for REWARDS! (Just click on the name of your tier, the download will start automatically!)

Traveler C2A0C2A0| C2A0C2A0Citizen C2A0C2A0| C2A0C2A0Adventurer&HeroC2A0

Check it out!