Call of Netherdeep – Heart of Despair

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Wooohoo! New RAM and a new adventure! Starting from the back this time, but will sprinkle in releases from the start of the adventure now and then. This is so what I offer will always be relevant for everyone, wherever they are in the adventure!C2A0

One thing C2A0didn’t understand about the original map was that it literally says in the beginning of the encounter in the Heart of Despair that everything turns red and the statue disappear when the encounter starts. The map doesn’t show any of this. So I made two VTT maps. One that is like the original map and one where the water is turned into blood and there is a red tint to everything.C2A0

I also made a bunch of overlays to portray the disappearing ruins and the glowing islands!

Bonus ContentC2A0

The Heart of Despair (78×52) No Credits Version – Cartographer patrons onlyC2A0


VTT Crimson VersionC2A0

140 DPIC2A0

140 DPI Printer VersionC2A0

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