Ironclad Cove

Starting off May with a more zany, pirate-themed map of Ironclad Cove, the result of a recent commission and based on the location of the same name from World of Warcraft. As you will see from the preview image above, this dank cove is dominated by an enormous vessel known as the Juggernaut. A 4-story pirate ship that is absurdly decked out in cannons of all sizes and varieties, it seems pretty clear the crew is not especially interested in taking prisoners.

The cove itself is a 32×32 square map visualizing the tunnel that’s used to access the area, a somewhat ramshackle boardwalk, and a pair of lift machines used to load and unload the ship. Meanwhile the 4 floors of the Juggernaut are covered in cannons, debris, feature multiple scaffolded means of reaching each deck, and contain furnished interiors for housing the crew and any guests it may boast.

Check it out!