My latest Commission piece

Hey all, C2A0in my last post I mentioned I was a little late posting due to some commission work that I’ve been on for a Kickstarter thats due to launch this week. C2A0Its not a full STL Kickstarter but any wargamers amongst you should be sure to check it out!C2A0

I previously did a full medieval/dark ages village for the Barons War: Death and Taxes last year, and this is the follow up to that which sees the game move into the crusades in the Middle East, with Templar Knights fighting the Muslim troops. C2A0Refreshingly its not at all staging the Templars as the good guys. C2A0The models are all traditionally sculpted by the Awesome Paul Hicks so sadly can’t be made available as STL files, but the guys at Footsore Miniatures do a fantastic job on their metal casting and the models are not to be missed! C2A0

Andy Hobday who is heading up the Kickstarter has had me make a full Crusader Fort as you can see in the pictures. C2A0Interestingly, its been designed to be printed on a 5.5″ resin printer whilst minimising the volume of resin required to print each piece. C2A0STL files will be offered in the Kickstarter.

You can view the awesome project video here:

And be sure to follow the project to get in with the Early Bird pledges:

Check it out!