(Dis)Courtesy Mechs

The Courtesy Mech, from SquareWhole Industries, is a common robotic servant found throughout the Known Worlds. While low-priced compared to similar models (and likely because of this), it is notoriously easy to hack, allowing unscrupulous owners or saboteurs to bypass the E2809CThree LawsE2809D that are so fundamental to its pricier competitors.

Those of you with access to miniature releases ($5+) can get these in the rewards folder now. Next reward links will be going out about a week into June, so those who just signed up (or switched you plan) this month can expect access then. The set is also available on our storefront and, like everything there, can be purchased at half price using your patron discount codes.

The set includes six rogue robots, armed with assault pistols, assault carbines, and combat knives. Models are supplied without bases and need supports when printing. These were based on the original Courtesy Mech that comes as part of the Starfolke civilians core set, and is available as a Multiverse Monday release as well.

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