FA Battlemaps is launching on Thursday!

We are excited to announce the launch of the official FA Battlemaps Project!

ItE28099s been a long time in development – we wanted to make sure that you won’t have to wait too long after this reveal to get your hands on some content soE280A6

FA Battlemaps is launching this Thursday [May 12th] with 5 high-quality maps!

Standalone Team & Patreon page

The type, quality, and quantity of content that we wanted to produce and the overall scope of this project wasn’t something that we could feasibly fit into the busy schedules of our Asset & Token artists, so we’ve decided to employ a new standalone team of talented cartographers that can dedicate all their time to mapmaking and creating content for this project.

Cozy & Earl are joining the FA team as our Battlemaps Artists! They both have been part of our community for a while now, so I’m sure many of you already know them, they are both very skilled in their craft and I’m sure you’ll be more than happy with what they’ll be able to produce for you here!

To help support and fund our Battlemaps Team this standalone Patreon page for the “FA Battlemaps” project was created.


We have some limited Early Bird discounts available. ^_^ (You won’t have access to the maps until we launch on Thursday, though!)

Battlemaps Project Information

The goal of this project is to produce high quality official Forgotten Adventures Battlemaps, exclusively using FA assets.

We intend to provide you with a steady stream of content as a showcase of FA assets and hopefully serve as inspiration for how these resources can be utilized.

Our focus is going to be on versatilityE28094 producing content that can be featured in almost any campaign. Random encounter or “generic” maps, such as bridges, caves, crossroads, or ambush sites depicted in various biomes and conditions, will be a priority. However, some more specific standard maps or locations from official TTRPG adventures might make an appearance here and there.

Battlemaps Preview:

Overlay TilesC2A0

Apart from occasional full variants of these maps, we will also provide Knight and higher tier supporters with what we call “Overlay Tiles” – altered sections of maps that you can place on top to either change parts of the map to suit your needs or show a dynamic change – which further increases the versatility of each map.

Content Incoming! – What you can expect

We will have 5 maps available immediately on launch this Thursday – 2 of which are going to be completely free.

Moving forward, you can expect a steady stream of content. – C2A0We plan on releasing 2 completely free maps each month (with Overlay Tiles and Foundry integration), plus at least an additional 2 Patron exclusive maps.

As you know, our goal at FA is to produce high quality, versatile, and inclusive content that is accessible to GMs and players.

Staying true to that, even the Patron exclusive maps will have a free version available [70ppi with corner watermark], with more options available to our supporters.

Battlemaps Foundry Integration

Premium Foundry Module [Battlesmith Tier]

All maps will be set up and ready for Foundry with walls, lighting, ambient sounds and dynamic overlay tiles – utilizing E2809CMonkE28099s Active Tile TriggersE2809D and E2809CTaggerE2809D modules.

Free Foundry Module [Available without signup]

All FREE releases will also be included in a free foundry module so you can fully test our content and integration before making a decision to support the project.

Thank you for your support everyone! C2A0C2A0

We believe that content produced by this project is going to be a great addition to your DMing arsenal! C2A0

Again, You can check all the available tiers and pre-sign up right now at C2A0https://www.patreon.com/FA_Battlemaps !

Check it out!