News about the CozyMaps project

Friends, sorry for such a long silence, I finally have something to tell you.
As promised earlier, I’m back to mapping, but not quite in the way you might expect.

I became part of the FA Battlemaps group and at the moment we have opened access to our new patreon –

The first (and big) content publication will be in a few days, but right now there are special tiers a little cheaper than they will be after a full launch. Therefore, if you are interested in following my work, you might be interested in paying attention to this patreon. My colleague and I managed to achieve a really high quality map.

IMPORTANT – this patreon will remain frozen. I will not close it and will not resume payments, that is, everything will remain as it was for the last few months. I want to do this because there are maps here, albeit outdated in quality, but possibly useful for someone. And it’s also a place where I can always come back F09FA7A1

Check it out!