Strife in the Skies, Part 1: The Vagrant Nimbus E28093 Airship Crew NPCs

Troy’s Vagrant Nimbus is now docked on C2A0our website, an airship with several colorful NPC outlines and tokens C2A0for crew and passengers.C2A0

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A questionable transport airship, with 3 crew characters and 4 interesting, varied passengers.

The C2A0crew of the Vagrant Nimbus airship is preparing for their next voyage. C2A0They load their conspicuous cargo, patch the most visible holes in the C2A0hull, and accept payments of gold from those seeking passage without the C2A0hassle of questioning. While the Nimbus may not boast the same comforts C2A0or assurances that other ships do, it offers tantalizingly competitive C2A0prices and is one of few that risks the most direct path. This makes it C2A0particularly popular for bands of adventurers and anyone looking for C2A0swift relocation.

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Does C2A0your world not feature magical airships? Never fear, this can be easily C2A0adapted into a water-faring sailing ship! You are also quite welcome C2A0just to loot our tokens and NPC outlines E28093 it’s all made in the hopes C2A0that it will be enjoyed. 🙂

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