Coming Soon: Content Package 16

Hey everyone,

I hope you’ve been enjoying all of the material from the content packages so far! I thought I’d take a minute to talk about what we have in the works for this month’s package.

Content Package 16: Coming Soon

Package #16 will include material from the Dolmenwood Campaign Book and possibly the Dolmenwood Monster Book. Tentatively, it’s looking like the following will be included:

  • High-Hankle: The full write-up of the capital of the High Wold, on the southern edge of the campaign map! An overview of the city, plus write-ups of important sites and the NPCs that might be encountered there. This is the final of the 12 settlement write-ups in Dolmenwood E28094 a big 64 page section of the Campaign Book!
  • Hexes: With the completion of the last settlement this month (if all goes according to plan), the two major tasks remaining will be completing the Hex Descriptions section of the Dolmenwood Campaign Book and finishing the Dolmenwood Monster Book. This month we’ll be seeing hexes scattered all throughout Dolmenwood, including some in the Northern Scratch (an area which has seen little detail so far).
  • Maybe more monsters: Depending how work on the hexes goes, I may also include some new monsters this month.

A Question for Everyone

As part of organising the final push on the Hex Descriptions section of the Campaign Book (exciting times!), I’m collating a list of all remaining hexes, along with any notes I have about them, any important features that need to be included, and so forth.

Something I’m considering at this stage: is anything obvious / important is missing from the roster of hexes? For example:

  • Any important NPC types missing? (e.g. there’s no alchemist on the map, so I plan to add one.)
  • Any factions lacking representation in hexes?
  • Any important monsters missing?
  • Any important concepts or tropes missing?

If anyone has any thoughts, let me know in the comments!

Art Preview

And just for fun, here’s a little preview of some art, by Kyle Patterson, from the Dolmenwood Campaign Book. This depicts the upper brain of the Myconom (see hex 1505), the fungal over-mind that lurks beneath all Dolmenwood.

All For Now

I’m very excited to share all this new material with you all!

Gavin / Moss Master

Check it out!