Dozens of souls trapped in arcane jars… Who can free them


Traveler! Denizens of the Tower! An evil druid necromancer has laired in an ancient and abandoned crypt. He has found a way to exploit the souls of all those interred at the burial site. He summons their souls back to their resting places and captures their life force in two magical jars. With them, the druid has used the souls to empower strange spells that bring life and verdant growth to the forest. Plants grow firm and healthy and animals become larger.

The overpopulation of predators and large insects in the forest has caused the local settlements to worry as the roads and outdoor areas are not safe anymore. The local constabulary offers a hefty reward to a group of adventurers willing to investigate the area, find the source of the strange magic that empowers the forest, and put a stop to its apparently nefarious influence once and for all.

This is a level 6 adventure with a bit of exploration, dungeon-crawling in a dangerous crypt, and the opportunity to bring solace to trapped souls. Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here’s a close-up of the western hallway where one of the magical jars rest. The undead abominations in the crypt shall stop any trespassers!

The ancients’ tomb has become the druid’s research place. Valuable scripts and descriptions of his evil spells and binding rituals lie scattered across the floor.

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