Muc-Mhara 02 – Shallow Fae and the Council of Contracts

Welcome back to Muc-Mhara, all! Today we’re taking a close look at the shallow enclave, the entryway into the fae-inhabited corners of the great underwater city. This release includes beautiful music, even more map variants than usual, and a plot hook that you can use to craft a wonderful social dungeons for your players. Let’s dive in!

Borough Guide

This document is all about the shallow fae, the Seelie represents in the Yartharen sea. A rough taxonomy of creatures is provided, including mer-satyrs, shrixies, azure elves, and more! The guide provides practical advice about how you can insert these creatures into your campaigns easily. We also introduce you to the Council of Contracts, one part fae court, one part endless bacchanal. Finally, the quest for the gainmheach crown will give your players the chance to party and investigate in the same session.


The fae rarely spend time indoors, so the shallow enclave includes only a few scant homes, plus the magnificent Council of Contracts. Muc-Mhara’s unfloating water means that most adventurers who seek access to the deeper parts of the city will first have to pass through the shallow enclave and subject themselves to endless trickery en route.

James really outdid himself with the variants for this one. Two desert (???) variants, plus another thrilling pirate map are likely to find their ways into just as many campaigns as the underwater version.

Plus, patrons at the Chief Courier tier get access to the interior of Council of Contracts. Whether someone wants to join an azure elf harem or dispute a dubious fae contract, the Council is open to all2EC2A0


Our track for you this week is “Refract,” the perfect representation of the shallow fae. Celtic harp plucks pair with piccolo musings and ethereal choirs to give you that quintessential underwater fairy sort of atmosphere. Twinkling bells and mysterious chords make this the perfect track for illusory galas or romantic trysts. If this is too busy for your tastes, the ambient variant keeps everything very quiet and moody.