Tome of Dungeons Kickstarter

My good friend, Meditating Munky C2A0just launched his First Kickstarter, Tome of Dungeons! He is making a book of Plug & Play Dungeons filled with Traps, Puzzles, New Creatures and NPCs, and Magical Items! If this sounds like something you might be interested in (which lets face it, everyone enjoys a good dungeon crawl) then consider backing him on Kickstarter!

The book has already been funded in just 8 hours, but letE28099s help him smash through those stretch goals and unlock more Dungeons!

The book is going to be available in PDF, Roll20 & FoundryVTT, as well as a Printed book, including a limited edition Deluxe Edition that will come with a Deck of Cards once the final Stretch Goals are unlocked! Munky is also an absolute Guru on the VTT Platforms, so you know those versions are going to be the best of the best!

He has even shared with us a collection of his maps (9 in total)! So check these out, and if you like what he is creating here, consider backing his Kickstarter, Tome of Dungeons!

E2809CComing soon to a Dungeon Near youE2809D

Check it out!