Proxy War incoming!

Human Interface: Proxy War is a cyberpunk miniatures skirmish game, in which two or more Players compete against each other by leading Strike Teams of Characters on the neon-lit, rain-soaked streets of the future: Hackers, Ronins and Uberboys with heavily cyber-modified bodies, battling it out in the streets for control over assets and cybernetic networks, using their wits, guns and cyber decks. If you want to play solo go for it. Our rules allows it.

The game is played using any of cyberpunk miniatures (we recommend UNIT9 miniatures of course : )) on a table filled with model terrain, using modern, easy to learn and streamlined rules that has been tested and polished over the years in its board game version.C2A0

With a few tweaks and innovative additions, you can C2A0use these rules to create your own futuristic saga on the streets of the Sleepless City.C2A0

A beautifully designed rulebook give you C2A0an unforgettable experience.C2A0

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