Spelljammer: Tears of the Moon – The Giff

It’s time we shared a fan favorite, the great Chutney himself… Now whilst Chutney has grown to become something of a mascot for our stream, he certainly was never intended to be. The name for our rambunctious Giff came from none other than our very own Jon, who begged and begged for me to include a hippo-man with the name. Rather than face Jon’s constant pestering, I submitted to his requests and threw him an Easter egg. Well, until Justin decided that the ship needed a helmsman that couldn’t pilot the ship… Regardless, I couldn’t imagine the stream without Chutney now. As in life, some of the greatest moments come from happy little accidents (thanks for the wisdom Bob Ross).

Regardless, in this post you will find Chutney standing proudly at the head of a Squid Ship, originally featured as our announcement poster for the production. Below I’ve included the full image for those of you who might enjoy the poster as a more general Spelljammer image. Once again, massive thanks goes to JC Flores for the incredible piece of Tears of the Moon history he produced 😀

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Accreditation: John Carl Flores (JC Flores) – Spelljammer: Tears of the Moon Twitch Stream

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