The Drug Lab

Dimensions: [14 x 8] grid squares

PPI: 200C2A0

Image size: 2800 x 1600 pixels

Time for another battle map drop everyone. This time, we have the Drug Lab. This drug lab battle map is a continuation of the Arcology Series that I am working on that like the rest of the maps from the series, draws heavy inspiration from the Judge Dredd movie (2012).

Here are the movie screenshots that inspired this drug laboratory map.C2A0

Map Variants

First up, IE28099d like to thank my Patreon supporters from the Discord group for helping with the following map variant ideas. You guys are totally awesome!

These are just some of the game scenario ideas you can run with these variants.

Finished Product

The players are tasked to stop a new form of futuristic drug from hitting the streets. TheyE28099ve tracked the supply routes all the way to the manufacturer – this drug lab. They see by the delivery roller door, a few large film wrapped boxes ready to be shipped.

Punctured Vat Tank

A fire fight breaks out and a bullet punctures one of the large high pressure vats in the corner of the room. Steam (or some toxic gas) starts to hiss out of the tank.

This is one scenario that I can think of that could add plenty of additional pressure and a time sensitive situation for your players to deal with.

Vat Body

Players enter the drug lab in search of a whistle blower scientist who was about to pass on the formula for a deadly futuristic drug. After some investigation, they lift one of the covers of the vats to find a body dissolving in acid inside, whose features are too disfigured to make out. Is this the scientist they were searching for?

Patreon Supporter Downloads


  • E2809CDrug LabE2809D, base map (watermark free, 200 DPI, grid + grid-less versions)

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  • All above +
  • E2809CFinished ProductE2809D (baked map + map tile for VTT)

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  • All above +
  • E2809CPunctured VatE2809D (baked map + map tile for VTT)
  • E2809CVat BodyE2809D (baked map + map tile for VTT)

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What are map tiles?

Map tiles are smaller sections of the map that contain differences from the base map. Variants are provided in this format (where applicable) so users can overlay the tiles on top of the base map in their favorite virtual tabletop softwares (such as Foundry VTT).C2A0

Tiles are effective because it allows you to combine multiple variants into one map, in a modular way.

What is a baked map?

This is the altered version of the base map, with the variant added. This format is for those who do not use VTT’s or prefer to print the maps for play.C2A0

My Patreon supporters help fund my monthly map drawing efforts. If youE28099d like to help out me out as well, the best way would be to support my Patreon with what you can. Any amount is appreciated immensely.

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