Wizard Arcane Traditions (New & Updated) – Public Post!

Have you ever thought, E2809Chey the wizard could use way more than the 13 subclasses it already hasE2809D? Well, then IE28099ve got a treat for you today! TEN additional Arcane Traditions for (probably) the most powerful class in 5e. As always, IE28099m open to any constructive criticism that you may have, especially for the new subclasses.


Hedge Magic (No Changes). This one is pretty complete in my book. Want to play a wizard that dropped out of school and is really good at low-level spells and magic?

Familiarist (NEW). Everyone knows that find familiar is one of the most fun parts of playing a wizard – thatE28099s why all the other classes are always trying to steal it! This subclass allows you to go E2809Call inE2809D on your familiar. Is it overpowered? Is it woefully weak? I have no idea, let me know what you think!

Ritualist (No Changes). Another subclass I consider complete. Become a master of the patient art of ritual spellcasting.

School of Alchemy (NEW). Not to toot my own horn, but IE28099m (shockingly) a really huge fan of how I fixed the Alchemist in my [lternate Artificer without creating a whole new Alchemist class. This Arcane Tradition borrows from that concept.

School of Biomancy (No Changes). Become Doctor Frankenstein and graft your flesh onto other creatures and their flesh onto yours. Warning: body horror!

School of Chronomancy (Updated). I clarified the Master Chronomancer feature on this one. Play as the quintessential time wizard with this subclass!

School of Hemomancy (Updated). Another foray into Blood Magic from yours truly. Let me know what you think of the Blood Magic casting mechanics!

School of Hexcraft (No Changes). What if the wizard could cast all the cool warlock spells? Wonder no longer with this witchy subclass for the wizard.

School of Metallurgy (Updated). This metal magic subclass got some buffs at 2nd level to make it worth it to turn your spells into Arcanometal spells. Kind of a niche concept, but I think it could make for a really fun character!

School of Theurgy (NEW). My take on the ever-popular (but super broken) UA Theurgy subclass for the Wizard2E You canE28099t learn to heal people wizard, stop trying to do everything in the game (IE28099m looking at you Bladesinger).

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