This is an exciting preview of Cakewalk, the newest supplement from Mage Hand Press and Loot TavernE28094two of the Saddlebag’s very close friends. Choose to play as a myriad of flavorful and delightful foodfolk with a whole stock of tasty familiars and spells in defense of the Island of Yumm! Fend off rotten villains and their sickly cohorts to save the precious island!

Will you stand in defense of the privileged Pastryarchy, or fight to overthrow it?

Playable races include…

  • The Berrian!
  • The Crumbkin!
  • The Frostling!
  • The Gummy!
  • The Puft!
  • The Pumpkid!
  • The Veggie!

Also included in this preview are just shy of a baker’s dozen delicious magic items, like the spear mint, jawbreaker, or macemallow!

And 12 monsters, like…

  • Bedeviled Eggs!
  • Breadnoughts!
  • Cake Mimics!
  • Chargoyles!
  • Pepper Onis!
  • And the Unbread!

Plus a super sweet collection of familiars, like the avogato cat-like familiar, or colorful horseradish steed!

This is an exciting look into what’s in store later this year from Mage Hand Press and Loot Tavern, and includes a link at the end of the document to sign up for the mailing list for when this project becomes available! Be sure to sign up!

Check it out!