Gaerborin Keep

Gaerborin Keep was struck down in the great war by mighty elemental magics and rock-shattering bombardment in an effort to destroy the three Dwarven EarthShips that were stationed there. It was targetted for such heavy assault because it was built and maintained by the Gaerborin half-elf family E28093 an extended family believed to be loyal servants of the elven empire given the title of KaleFolk for their loyalty and long service.

The remains of the inner keep are a collection of scorched stone structures with shattered upper walls encroached upon by several crater-like pools of shattered stone and stagnant water. Between the two craters that are all that remains of the east wall of the inner keep is a E2809CcausewayE2809D that leads to a cave into the piled stone where the E2809CpalaceE2809D of the Gaerborin once stood. These wet and unstable caves also lead to a few remaining chambers from the palace that somewhat survived the assault.

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