Books of Curse of Strahd

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Guide to the Books of Barovia

The following books are player handouts that the players find as they adventure through Barovia. Many of the books provide clues while bringing context to the world around them. The following guidelines provide notes about the books, where to find them, and references to the different guides.

Full list of Guides found here: List of all Video, PDF, and Foundry VTT Modules.

I will be adding more books and updating this guide.

Common Books

These books are common, multiple copies exist and can be found throughout Barovia.

Battle at the Gates of Tsolenka E28093 this book provides information about Tsolenka Pass, who built the gates, and why. It also contains the Oath that allows players to pass through the Gates of Tsolenka.

Fanes of Barovia E28093 this book serves as an overall history of Barovia and provides many clues if running the Fey Quest. The book should be provided to the players as early as possible in the campaign. It is possible to give to the players during Session Zero, perhaps from a previous adventure or handed down from a relative.

Legends of Luganda E28093 this book serves to bring context to the Great War, information about the Abbey, and clues to where and how to find the Holy Symbol of the Sun / Holy Symbol of Ravenkind.

Myth of Khazan E28093 this book tells the story of the first Wizard of Barovia, Khazan. It is considered a myth or fable.

Fall of Argynvost E28093 the history of the Great War. Provides information about Argynvostholt.

Common Locations

  • Book Store in Vallaki
  • Count LugosiE28099s Library (Death House)
  • Homes of the Burgomasters (Barovia, Vallaki, Krezk)
  • Abbey Library
  • Argynvostholt Library
  • Wizard Tower E28093 with Busty

Rare Books

While there are multiple copies, these books are usually found in particular locations to help bring context to the campaign.

Devil We Know E28093 this is a book used by the Wachter Cult. Other locations include Father Petrovich, who may have a copy and share with the party as he is growing concerned about a cult movement in the village.


  • Wachterhaus
  • Visili von Holtz manor
  • Ernst Home
  • Father Petrovich may have a copy as he is growing concerned.

Lords of Barovia E28093 this book records the history of the lords of Barovia and the broad history of Barovia since year zero.


  • Each BurgomasterE28099s homes
  • Count LugosiE28099s Library (Death House)
  • Ravenloft Study.

Story of Saint Andral E28093 is a book telling the story of the protection of Saint AndralE28099s church in Vallaki.


  • Church in the Village of Barovia
  • Saint AndralE28099s Church
  • The Abbey in Krezk

Yef Riccle Scroll E28093 there are two copies.

Translation: Yef Riccle (Fey Circle spelled backward) The teleportation spell of the Fey is one knows the secret of the three Fey Signs. Draw a teleportation circle on the ground, with the sign of the Fey, and to the Fane, it will take you. Forest Fane Symbol, Mountain Fane Symbol, and Water Fane Symbol.


  • Wizards Tower
  • Burgomaster of VallakiE28099s Attic E28093 Victor is trying to figure it out.

MonsterE28099s Hunter Guide E28093 this is a rare book and provides information on how to engage with different monsters in Barovia, written by van Richten.


  • RictavioE28099s Wagon (Stockyard in Vallaki)
  • EzmeraldaE28099s Wagon (Wizard Tower)
  • Wizard Tower (top floor)
  • Vallaki Books Store (can be obtained E28093 but costly)


These are one-of-a-kind books, notes, scrolls that are specifically placed in a location.

ArtimusE28099s Journal E28093 the story of Artimus and the construction of Castle Ravenloft.

  • Location: Amber Temple E28093 X20 ArchitectE28099s Room (Chest)

Brother ValenE28099s Prayer Book E28093 this is a prayer book in which Brother Valen records the remaining days of the Abbey2E

  • Location: The Abbey E28093 S20 Abbey Library

Diary of Lovina Wachter E28093 this tells the story about Leo the Lion, StrahdE28099s half-brother, the bones of Leo locked in the closet at the Wachter house. It also leads to a quest with the Vistani in the Tser Pool, if the Diary is given to them, they will share the secret entrance into Ravenloft.

  • Location: Vallaki E28093 Wachterhaus N4p Library

KnightE28099s Journal E28093 this tells of the remaining days in the Amber Temple, before Strahd came during the end of the Great War.

  • Location: Amber Temple E28093 X03b East Barracks

LudmillaE28099s Journal E28093 the story of Ludmilla and her secret plans. Lots of reveals.

  • Location: Tsolenka Gate – Guard Tower either T5a Dark Magic Study or T5b Private Rooms on the Desk.

Martikov Journal E28093 the journal is found in the Winery and tells of the recent attack by the blights and druids, as well as problems with the Vistani and who wine is shipped to.

  • Location: Winery E28093 W17 Master Bedroom in Desk

RictavioE28099s Journal E28093 this is a private journal that Rictavio (Van Richten in disguise) in which he is keeping notes on the villagers of Vallaki, figuring out who he can trust.

  • Location: Blue Water Inn E28093 N2n Private Guest Room (in the desk)

TatyanaE28099s Suicide Note E28093 this is believed to be TatyanaE28099s suicide note. It tells how she learned of SergeiE28099s death and shares information about a powerful ring and one of StrahdE28099s servants. It leads to a side quest.

  • Location: Vallaki E28093 Father Petrovich will share it with the players when/if they return the Skull.

Testament of a Dying Soldier E28093 this is a note from a dying soldier who once served Strahd. It tells of an interesting event on the Luna River. It serves as a clue when searching for the Blue Gem if hidden in either location (Gitrog Cave or Crypt of Ravenloft).

  • Location: Krezk E28093 Darovich will give to the players if he trusts them.

Van RichtenE28099s Journal E28093 this tells the story of Van Richten and Ezmeralda.

  • Location: Wizard Tower E28093 V7 Tower, Forth Floor (Desk)

Note: These books are included in the various Foundry Adventure Modules

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