Can anyone face a demon who’s dissolved in acid? Can it be defeated


Traveler! The poor people in the merchant district are suffering. Several families witness their relatives walk to a strange place at night. They return confused and exhausted. Those who dared approach that place make claims of acidic fumes and canals full of a corrosive substance. the culprit is a demon of yore; people have forgotten about the brave paladin and the two clerics who defeated the acidic demon and entrapped it below the city, in a well-hidden dungeon.

But enough time has passed for the demon to wake up from its slumber. And it gathers strength from the weak-minded individuals that come each night. After a while, the possessed mortals understand their goal is to feed the demon so they throw themselves into the pools of acid in the dungeon’s chambers. The authorities in the city are worried. The entire merchant district demands an explanation for the missing folks. The constabulary acts fast to hire external help. Someone must get to the bottom of this!

This is a level 5 adventure with a bit of role-playing, dungeon-crawling in a dangerous dungeon, and a battle with an ancient demon from a bygone era. Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here’s a close-up of one of the pond chambers. Two tall knight statues raise their stone sword and defend the place from trespassers. Not knowing that they are the only ones capable to stand against the ever-growing demonic entity.

The main pond chamber is where the possessed individuals gather to chant and dedicate their life force to the acidic demon. Once one of them reaches a level of full fervor, they jump into the corrosive liquid to feed or heal the demon.

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