The “Wheel” Marketplace Map Pack!

Welcome to the Wheel – a bustling maze of stalls, stands, taverns and shops nestled between rows of homes along its periphery. The colorful canopies span across the wheel, providing both shade and the promise of a variety of goods for sale. The air is thick with the scent of spiced meat, sweet fruits, baked bread and the sound of hawkers selling their wares.

In the center of the wheel stands Winn’s Hollow Tavern, a halfling-owned establishment well known for its entertainment, drink and (to those in the know) certain types of information.

Also located in the Wheel are a variety of merchant wagons, a bardic troupe, mobile blacksmith and a dwarven drinking wagon-tavern.

Among the shops and stalls, several large buildings also house a variety of shops, including:

1. Herbalist & Alchemist, for all of your herbal remedies, potion mixing, natural ingredients or other type of goods.

2. Arms & Armor, to improve or replace your existing gear whilst adventuring.

3. Tailor’s Shop, offering the finest cloth, tailored outfits and alterations.

4. Stables, providing fine accommodations for your mounts and/or wagons.

5. Artificer/Mechanist Shop, offering repairs, spare parts and services toward your more mechanical needs.

6. Library & Magic Shop, offering a wide variety of tomes, scrolls and knowledge at the hand of the shop’s proprietor.

7. Pawn Shop, dealing in a variety of items, and always seeming to have an item that you may just be interested in purchasing today.

8. Guard House, located at the southeast end of the market, always helpful to keep the peace — could also eventually be a mercenary organization or PC headquarters.

The Wheel is intended to provide a sprawling marketplace for both social and combat encounters, as well as to provide an environment the players can explore.

Run-ins with the local thieves’ guild, corrupt guardsmen, shady merchants, visiting nobles or any number of potential encounters are possible!

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I hope you enjoy it!

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