Beyond the Copper Doors (CRUX)

The CRUX version of our Beyond the Copper Doors dungeon-crawl adventure module is live! Fully illustrated by our talented friend, Ben Doane, it also comes with lots of new rules material that can enhance any CRUX fantasy game, including new ancestries, spells, magic items, and more.

Patrons with access to games ($10+) will find the PDF in the current rewards folder now. (If you signed on or changed your tier this month you’ll get access to the folders about a week or so into June, and this will still be there.)

Also, in case you weren’t aware, we have a full range of 3d-printables that fully render every room and character featured in the module. We’ll be doing a re-release of those files over the next week (starting with one coming later today), all of which will be available on our storefront as well.

– the Ill Gotten Games team

Check it out!