Dangerous Distrustful Hosts – Isometric Adventure!

Traveler! Swords and Scars, Inn and Tavern is owned by a man named Jahangir. He is a despicable individual who makes a living doing several criminal activities. Half the town’s guard is under his payroll. High-ranked officers among them. Hence, he has the power and freedom to do as he pleases with no questions asked. Lately, he has taken pleasure in robbing and killing adventuring parties. He poisons them with soporific wine or waits to ambush them when they are separated.

This adventure is meant to surprise the heroes that come visit this establishment. They enter the place as normal clients, looking for a place to stay. However, they might be observative enough and notice the small signs of danger. Use an NPC or past enemy from previous adventures to set up the scene. This person summons the characters here and sides with Jahangir and his goons. Test your players’ senses and see how they get out of this tricky situation!

This is a level 3 adventure with a bit of role-playing, dungeon-crawling under a tavern, and the chance to rid the area of dangerous criminals. Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here are some close shots of this awesome isometric location. A strange dungeon lies under the tavern. The criminals here are relentless and will do their best to rob the characters of their hard-earned possessions!

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