Monstrous Marauders Tokens pt.3: Glorious Giants

Hey folks! I still have some more project-specific token sets coming down the pipeline, but in the meantime, let’s take a break for some more familiar faces: Giants! A set that I’m categorizing within the “Monstrous Marauders” theme, this pack delivers four classic giant types: Frost, Fire, Storm, and Stone. Due to the fact that they are all huge and come with multiple variants each, this set is limited to 4 tokens this time around.C2A0

I’m really pleased with how it’s come out! It can be a bit intimidating trying to capture the look of such staple creatures, but I feel each of theme have a distinct theme as well as coming in highly utilitarian forms due to their modular elements. Each giant has multiple options for customization with weaponry, spell effects, and worn accessories like clothing, beards, or helmets.

Inside the Zip folder below you’ll find:

Check it out!