Bottoms Up – Free Adventure Collaboration

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I have yet more bonus content for you today, the free adventure: Bottom’s Up



In this adventure, the party is contacted by a figure who wants to scuttle a ship called the Ocean Bitch. Characters must infiltrate the ship and place a box in its ballast hold without being discovered.

Maps & Monstrum Compdenium

The Side-Quest adventure that follows is based on a E2809Cloose endE2809D from one of the full-length adventures that will soon be found in Maps & Monstrum Compendium.

You should absolutely follow the Kickstarter page as they ramp up for their launch.

Make sure to check out the awesome creators here:

Design, Editing, Writing – The Eldritch Press

Copy Editing – Dungeoneering Guild

Adventure Background – DMNinetoes

Cartography – The Reclusive Cartographer

Token Artist – Online Tabletop

Audio Tracks – Tabletop RPG Music


George – The Reclusive Cartographer

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