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Crippled God Foundry is offering highly detailed fantasy themed miniatures, accessories & terrain pieces,E280AFas 3D printable files, for your favorite RPG, tabletop games and wargames!
Our subscribers receive each month a thematic collection of highly detailed miniatures and terrain pieces, Monster Lore & Stats module, Battlemaps, the Welcome & Hero Pack miniatures, access to members-only Discord server, polls and exclusive discount code to our MyMiniFactory shop!
All our miniatures and terrain pieces come with a Pre Supported Option!

We would like to offer to the Patrons of E2809CRN ESTUDIOE2809D, the Beholder Gladiator miniature from our latest release!

Presupported files for the miniature are included!C2A0

The May Release is called: E2809CDeath ColiseumE2809D
Link of the release

This release features:
19 Highly detailed miniatures:
– 4 Gladiator Heroes with monster themed armaments!
– The enigmatic Empress & her court members!

Modular Gladiators, male & female with various weapon options!
– Modular Coliseum Spectators to cheer or boo the contestants!
– Captured monstrosities to fight in the arena!
Gladiator Champions, the crowd’s favorites!
– The Empress, Bust Version
– Death Coliseum: A modular Arena diorama were the death games take place!
– Coliseum Accessories: A set of traps and obstacles that can hinder of help the competing gladiators!

Paper Miniatures: a printable .pdf file with the concept art of this releaseE28099s miniatures to print and use in your games!
Paper Miniatures, Battlemaps and a Lore & Stat Block .pdf with concept art, D&D 5e compatible!

By joining, in addition to the monthly release, you will also get:
– The Welcome and Hero Pack Miniatures:
17 iconic Hero and Monster miniatures plus more than 50 thematic miniature bases of various sizes, all pre supported!

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E29C85 Special 10% Discount Coupon on physical miniatures at our Eshop!
E29C85 Access to our Patron-only Discord server, and our Facebook group!

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Thank you all and happy printing!
~ Crippled God Foundry Team~

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