Download Link: Vae Victis Miniatures

At Vae Victis Miniatures, Mathilde and Jonathan are creating monthly themed releases, focussing on storytelling and unique looking characters! YouE28099ll find a mix of combat oriented miniatures, NPCs and heroes, as well as some scatters and props matching the theme !

May “Fantasy village commoners V2” you will get :

E2978F Unique character : Dad with his kids

E2978F Unique character : Painter

E2978F Unique character : Orc villager

E2978F Unique character : Young worker

E2978F 9 pre-built guards models

E2978F 1 pre-built sitting

E2978F Pre-built drunk guards

E2978F Modular guards set with :

E2978F 5 modular bodies

E2978F 1 sitting modular body

E2978F 11 new arms options (+40 from April)

E2978F 6 heads (+10 from April)

E2978F Small selection of props

E2978F Painting supplies set

E2978F Little guard outpost (supportless)

You’ll also get the arms and weapon props from April release as part of May release, AND May arms and weapon props will be added to April release on MMF too.

Find your free promo model here :

You can grab the release either on their Patreon or Tribes page :


You also can find their previous release on their MyMiniFactory store :

Check it out!