Starshard Temple – A Corrupted Asteroid Monastery

Hi everyone!

In my turn-of-the-month post I said that I’d do fewer variants and more maps from now on, but seems like I can’t resist the temptation if there’s a low-hanging fruit to create a few extra variants, like with this map. So, it’s likely that there will be some variants, but not always.C2A0

Also, I might update old posts afterward, and I’m also considering creating single posts for each map series and updating those when I get new maps done. C2A0This way each map series could have a larger library of content with all kinds of content from maps to related tokens, adventure (hooks), NPCs, and background material related to the series.C2A0

For example, with this map, the series post could include other related maps located at the same asteroid, a large-scale overview of the asteroid, and some background or other material to tie it all together.C2A0

I’d be happy to hear your thoughts (or experiences if some other creator has done something similar) about this idea. Let me know in the comments or on Discord if you have any suggestions.C2A0

But, about THIS map!C2A0

This map had been drafted for a while already, but when composers from C2A0Adventure Music contacted me and asked if I was interested in making a collaboration this popped back into my mind.C2A0

This map has drawn strong inspiration from the Star Wars Eclipse trailer and Star Wars Visions episode 5. Starshard Temple battle map features the main shrine and the chambers of an old asteroid-based monastery that is now corrupted by dark powers.

Also, this map is the first map pack in my new space fantasy map series (part I). This series will include at least three more maps: a docking port, a “space dungeon”, and a large hangar bay. Two of these maps will be compatible with Starfinder: Dead Suns Part 1 scenarios.

Hero+ tier patrons get a bonus music track designed for this map by Adventure Music. (30s sample is attached to this post)

Adventure Music

“We are ComposerJd and Hoffzart, two music teachers who love composing music. We are the creators of Adventure Music, a Patreon that offers original instrumental music for tabletop role-playing games. Our music mixes classical and electronic sounds in a way we hope you find interesting and unique!”

Check out Adventure Music’s Patreon here!C2A0

This map battle map features the main shrine and the chambers of an old asteroid-based monastery that is now corrupted by dark powers. At the center, there is a large platform and an altar for ritual ceremonies. At the back of the central hall, there is a balcony with a gong and drums. On the left side, there are the chambers, washroom, dining room, and a meditation platform. There are also stairs leading down to other parts of the asteroid monastery. On the right side, there is a storage area and a boiler room or similar maintenance area.


This map comes with a total of 12 variants divided into two themes and simplified unpropped maps with no background. All variants come with gridded and gridless versions:

  • Space: corrupted and uncorrupted
  • Astral drift: corrupted and uncorrupted
  • Transparent background: unpropped and uncorrupted

Size and Format

Available File formats: JPG, PNG, WEBP, PDF

Dimensions: 22×32 squares / 3080×4480 px

Resolution: 140 pixels per square

Recommended Scale: 5ft / 1,5 m per square

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