581 The Forsaken Ruins

Traveler! The world is full of uncharted places and locations. Some of them hide the last remnants of bygone societies or peoples. The Seri dynasty is one of those. They ruled the land thousands of years ago but their rulership ended quickly after horrible wars. An underground mausoleum near Cattailton is possibly the only remnant of their people. The villagers ignore this because they shun the place ever since some explorers got lost. However, the crypt has become a problem and a threat to the good people of Cattailton.

A strange green mist corrupted the dead buried in the crypt. The enraged souls of the Seri come back from the dead in the shape of wraiths and shadows who wish to consume the living. They make the journey to town at sunset and attack the poor villagers at night. A squad of six elite guards did not return from the crypts. The authorities offer a hefty bounty and look for external help. Whoever explores this place will find priceless historic records about the Seri. But it will not be an easy task to deal with the corrupted dead.

This is a level 8 adventure with a bit of role-playing, dungeon-crawling in a dangerous dungeon, and a battle with a group of spirits from a bygone world. Here’s a low-def preview of this illustration:

Here’s a close-up of the ancient ruins of the Sari dynasty. Treasures from a bygone era are guarded by mindless creatures, corrupted by the Underworld’s influence. Other spirits remain sentient but shall not part with their heirlooms, even if they are useless to them now.

In the following chamber, a strange sentient entity asks the characters to leave without the records and scrolls in the chests that are valuable enough to risk one’s life for. The spirits would rather have their deplorable exploits unknown and remain in obscurity.

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