Carnival Haunted House and Magic Maze – 20 x 25

style3D”margin:10px 0;”>Welcome to the Carnival Haunted House and Magic Maze. Are you brave enough to enter the house of horrors? Will your investigator get out alive? Can you exit the Magic Maze? What’s that small carriage behind the magic maze?

With this map you get:

  • grid & gridless variations
  • PNG files, low (70 PPI) & high (140 PPI) resolutions
  • day & night variations
  • dd2vtt files for FoundryVTT & Roll20
  • High-resolution WebP files
  • A monthly Foundry Module with all the maps of the month personally curated by me with walls, windows, doors, lights, and more.

Carnival Haunted House – Day

Carnival Haunted House – Night

Carnival Magic Maze – Day

Carnival Magic Maze – Night

Carnival Magic Maze – Path to Exit


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Carnival Haunted House and Magic Maze – With GridC2A0

Carnival Haunted House and Magic Maze – Without GridC2A0

Carnival Haunted House and Magic Maze – dd2vtt filesC2A0

Carnival Haunted House and Magic Maze – WebP filesC2A0

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Foundry Module #14 – April 2022

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