Doomsday Machine Battle Map – Launch

Hello Adventurers! IE28099ve got a new map for you! A Doomsday Machine built into the side of a cliff’s edge. I went with a steampunk aesthetic, with lots of cogs and brass. References came from old clocks, watches and 19th-century mechanics. I can imagine this working as a gnomic device, or some ancient machine, built with a long since forgotten purpose. With Spelljammer coming up I like to think there will be more things like this appearing in your campaigns 😉

Next Maps

I realised IE28099ve not created an urban map in a while, so I want to drop in a Back Alley map into the list, it should be a perfect map for any campaign with city locations. IE28099ll then move on to the KoboldE28099s Den and Dwarven Mine.

  • Back Alley Brawl
    A dark alley is a great place to hold an ambush! This will have space for combat with plenty of crates, rubbish and places for people to hide.
  • The KoboldE28099s Den of Traps
    This map will be a complex cave system with plenty of tunnels and passages, along with locations for traps, E28098Kill RoomsE28099 and Murder Holes. Very much inspired by the ideas behind TuckerE28099s Kobolds (Google them, it’s a fun story).
  • Dwarven Mine ( suggested by Scrowyrtha)
    I have completely missed creating a general Mine, so IE28099ll be making a Dwarfen mine with cut rock walls, shafts, open caverns, mine machinery and a mine face or two.

As with every map, I have to shout out all my wonderful Patrons. You allow me to do what I do, and create content for our community, it’s kinda awesome and so are you! Thanks so much for your support, have a wonderful weekend and as always, happy adventuring! Now let’s go investigate this weird machine, just remember, whatever you do, donE28099t press the big red button!

Map list to all my map downloads (All old maps available in your Patron Tier are free to download from this link).

Map Descriptions

The Approach
The climb is long and hazardous. Loose rocks clatter down the cliff face as you continue upwards. Flashes of lightning and the low rumble of thunder make the air vibrate, static electricity crackles across your skin. A blue glow illuminates the clouds ahead.

The Machine
The machine is built into the cliff’s edge. Ancient stone steps lead up to a structure made from bronze, copper and crystal. Its circumference is partially ringed by a thick band of bronze. Orbs of solid brass are affixed to the ends of the ring at the entrance and at its far side where another platform of delicate crystal hangs above the void. The interior is crammed with cogs, gears and springs of every conceivable size and shape. Each cog rotates at different speeds, some fast, some ponderously slow, others tick in precise increments. The machine hums with energy, deep within the mechanisms different coloured lights blink on and off, casting light on the intricate workings of the interior.

Notes and Tips

  • 30×30 Grid Map
  • The interior of the machine is made up of different materials with different properties. It can be used as a battlefield but some parts can have interesting effects.
    • The cogs are always moving, creating unstable ground. Skill checks are harder here. Crit fails could result in feet getting trapped.
    • The crystal platforms are relatively safe. The ones with levers can be raised into the air or lowered as needed.
    • The outer copper walkway can be electrified when the orbs collect enough lightning.
    • The large glass platform rotates slowly collecting energy and discharging it through the central cage, the only safe place is the small glass platform within the cage.
    • The magic field here warps spells and may trigger wild magic effects when spells are cast!
  • Use clockwork creatures as defenders of the machine. Theme mostly any monster as a clockwork equivalent. Maybe add some surprises specific to mechanical creatures, such as an energy attack.
  • A clan of gnomes live in the depths of the machine, keeping it running, the constant ticking and proximity to wild magics have warped their minds and maybe even their bodies.
  • This is the lair of a clockwork dragon. At one time it was a simple machine, but over the millennia it has gained awareness and has its own wants and desires. It could be protecting its home from looters. Or be incubating golden eggs. Or it could just want to kill all humanoids!
  • The core of the machine is incredibly valuable, made from some strange material that can absorb magical energy. Over the centuries it has collected so much energy it has become a dangerous artefact that must be protected at any cost.
  • This could be a great place to recharge magical items or forge new ones. If only the party could find or read the instructions. Oh well, what could possibly go wrong? 😉 Actually quite a lot. Sentient weapons attack!
  • The machine is designed to open a portal to another dimension. And we all know nothing nice is ever waiting on the other side of a portal.


Maybe your adventure requires a more nautical theme?

I hear the Astral Plane is nice this time of year 😉

And as always you get relevant nighttime versions for those moonlight combat sessions!

Check it out!