Friday reveal : The return of the Birds …

Hello everyone. Friday means Preview and we’ll continue to show you the news for the next month.

Back from a great success, the Avian kin unveil their elites. Further on the way to damnation, Avian raiders can turn into Chosen. Those are Bigger and Badder and are the elites of these Beasts. But there is more. While we’ll have those with 2 weapon options, there is also a darker version of these.C2A0

What can we expect from a big demon beast with feather and beak as a final evolution ? WINGS !C2A0

Avian hunter are the cooler ( and most dangerous ) Avian units. And we’ll also have them with 2 weapons option.

So we unveil 28 models for this units with so much variation, time to warm up the printer !

Hope you guys enjoy this feathery reveal and have a great day.

Check it out!