June Rewards Preview

Firstly welcome to new members Reuben Anderson and Kim Hesse, wonderful to have you with us and check your mailbox (or SPAM) for a little welcome video via an app called Bonjoro).C2A0

The polls are in and Paper Golems is excited to announce our upcoming June 2022 rewards!

Up to X+ Minis and a Terrain Set:

Townfolk 1 and Town Rooftops

MINI SET (Decided by our Voting Council, available to all Tiers)

  • Cheerful Dwarvern Blacksmith
  • Shady Gnome Potion Seller
  • Friendly Human Shopkeeper
  • Foppish Elven Scholar
  • Human Scarlet Lady

BONUS (Available to Timber & above)

  • Alternate Scarlet Lady & Potion Seller.

TERRAIN SET (Decided by our Voting Council, available Iron & above)

  • Rooftops

(Awarded biannually to Platinum Golems, available to Gold & above)

  • TBD (Concept by Tony Maher)


VTT Tokens for all your Mini and Terrain Tier rewards!

Check it out!