Wax Figure

Though wax museums are relatively rare across the world, due to their lack of popularity and general uncanny atmosphere, there are scattered legends of living wax figures who come alive in the night. In reality, the truth is far more sinister: one single wax museum proprietor in ages past decided to enchant their wax figures to enhance their exhibits. However, the enchantment went horribly wrong, causing the figures to take on a sinister intelligence of their own, as well as the ability to turn other creatures into animated wax with a single bite. Spreading their waxy curse through their infectious bite, the wax figures soon added the museum curator to their ranks, as well as nearly the entire town, before being driven out of the city by fire-wielding adventurers. Now, these unaging, malevolent creatures attempt to disperse themselves throughout the world, hiding in sewers and catacombs, or even being sold to newer museums, all with the unquenchable intent to convert all living creatures into wax mockeries of themselves.

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