Wildhill Inn Lower Level Map Pack!

Wildhill Inn [Complete!] – [72 x 48]

This is the complete Wildhill Inn, a dwarven-run brewery and tavern/inn located along a hill/mountain pass, where they frequently hold parties to celebrate new and exciting brews2E

The new addition is the lower level, which contains several new pieces to potentially use for the lore and story of this site.

VIP Tasting Room – Located at the base of the stairs is a VIP Tasting Room, where special guests can flee the hustle and bustle of the upper floor and enjoy a more intimate setting with their guests and/or discussions with the proprietors.

Owner’s Rooms – Located in the west side of the lower level, the owners of the Inn have [3] bedrooms for the parents and [2] children, along with privies and bath.

Common Room – Located to the east of the VIP chamber lay a spacious, cozy common room, where special guests and the family spend time researching potential new combinations of their brews, meeting with clients or relaxing.

Brewery – East of the Common Room is the brewery, where the dwarves have created several contraptions for the efficient, if questionable, making of ales.

Underground Mine – Though a cave exists above ground, a mine delves into tunnels beneath the cliff, connecting to a natural cave system that contains a wide array of biodiverse plant life growing about underground water sources. The dwarves harvest many of these for experimentation of new flavors.

Drying Room – To the west of the mine entrance is a drying room, where plants and other goods brought out of the caves can be prepared for use in the brewery.

Repair Room & Engineer Quarters – To the west of the drying room is a repair room that doubles as the personal quarters for an employee of the Inn, who maintains the mine carts, equipment and other facilities on-site.

I’ve uploaded the new lower level maps to the original download links, but will be sending out Tier Reward messages, per normal, that have them, as well!

Hope you enjoy! 3D)

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