WIP June Teaser! Ermingild, Okamian Elder Mage

Sorry for the late previews this month! Erin and I were prepping our bus to travel, and then driving from Minnesota to New York in our fabulous CobraBus mobile HQ. If you want to see more about that, I have an instagram account with some pictures: https://instagram.com/cobrabus

We’ve been ruminating on dog-people for awhile, and finally with Paul’s help, were able to come up with some really fun concepts! I know it’s sad to depart from Pirates and their ilk, but hopefully these hounds will scratch a different sort of itch 😉

The Okamian Imperium

The Okamian Imperium, located in the foothills between the Kutugha Steppe and the Qian Sheng Shan, is ruled by the Okamian dog-people. An aggressively expansionist empire, they have frequent border disputes with the Yuudai tigers, whom they consider barbaric and uncivilized. The Imperium has many schools of magic and learning, from which its citizens can study anything from mathematics, art, engineering, materials science, and music. As a people, they generally favor order and lawfulness, and are loyal and fiercely territorial.

Ermingild – Okamian Elder Mage

An Elder Mage of the All-Seeing Eye, Ermingild is a teacher and builder. The School of the All-Seeing Eye seeks knowledge and creativity, and uses their magic towards those ends. They have made many advances in building materials and practices, the particular specialty of Ermingild, who has been a master builder for several decades now. Although a bit doddering in his dotage, he is still one of the most talented builders of the Imperium, and students still clamor to learn from him.

Check it out!