Dymvalt Hold (Beyond the Copper Doors)

For the final day of the Beyond the Copper Doors re-release (and to send you off into the weekend with something chunky) we’ve got the Dymvalt Hold terrain set. This support-free ScatterBlocks/FlipDungeon compatible set has all the terrain you need for the adventure module, plus the four (non-ratfolk or dwarf) monsters that you’ll encounter there.

This set has been added to the current rewards folder for patrons who get access to miniatures and terrain ($5+). (If you signed on or changed your tier this month you’ll get access to the folders about a week or so into June, and this will still be there.) It’s also available on our storefront for anyone else (don’t forget your patron discount code!), and you can also check out more info on the set there.

Check it out!