Organ Dining Hall, Public 30×32

Hello, everyone!

A mournful melody, a lavish dinner. These are the things that await your players tonight. The invitation to the castle has been extended, and the group is ready to attend.

The majestic dining hall greets them, and a beautiful pipe organ sits in the far end of the room2E Played by a tormented soul, the music that fills the cold walls is emotional and beautiful.

Ready to partake in the dinner of their lives, your players cannot let their guard down, lest they fall like the many other heroes who have come to sit in this very place.

The creature tokens for this map are a Brain in a jar, a Dullahan and Pietra Van Riese. Emerald tier gets the Dullahan while Diamond tier gets all three. In addition, Sapphire tier gets extra creature token variants.

Thank you very much for your support as always and have fun!

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