One-Page-Dungeon – Tentacles! – System Neutral

Traveler! Here’s an awesome one-page dungeon. It’s a self-contained adventure where everything you need fits a single page2E I make them system neutral so they20can be easily ported to any system. It shouldn’t be much trouble to include it in any medieval setting.

Few things in the earthly realm unnerve an individual more than the calamities that inhabit the depths of the ocean. Hulking, algae-covered colossi meander unseen in places where no human could ever reach. Their writhing, slimy tentacles move on their own; obeying unsaid commands and following principles that are alien to humanoid minds. As it is with many entities that cause dismay to the masses, a few deranged individuals find solace and purpose in trying to understand the strange giants beneath the waves.

The KrakenE28099s worshipers have repurposed an aging construction that can only be accessed from the underwater ocean currents. They use the KrakenE28099s magic to reshape the temple-like structure to the liking of their tentacled god. Their creed has become a danger to society. They convert new followers with ever-growing success. Others are kidnapped and used in ritual sacrifices that have the ultimate goal to summon the Kraken itself to their makeshift temple.

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