Calhun Farm & Fields Map Pack!

Welcome to Calhun Farm, a small farm located in a countryside of your choice.

The farm contains [3] primary buildings, two farmhouses and a large barn, as well as an outhouse. The area surrounding the farm contains several trees, a small pond and the expanding fields to the east and west.

The field to the east continues toward a hill and the Old Oak, a massive tree set atop the hill. Further past the tree lay a narrow river, which defines the borders between the farm and the neighboring wood — surely, not home to anything having a CR rating.

I’ve included a fair amount of fields, elevation, different levels of terrain, cover and detailed structures to accommodate a wide range of potential encounters. Players may have to defend the farm against an assault, deal with a local gang operating out of the farm (i.e. Fargo Season 2), rescue the farmers from an ongoing attack, question the farmers about goings-on/sightings recently, get information/directions to someone that leaves in the woods to the east or any number of potential setups.

The size should provide ample space for potential social, story or combat encounters, and could be used for a quest, temporary home base or perhaps part of a character’s backstory.

Tier Rewards will be sent out shortly.

Hope you enjoy it!

Check it out!