Northern Land of Giants

Each month, weE28099ll revisit a (Patron-voted) old series of choice to make a brand new sequel for it. This month itE28099s time to go big or go home with the Northern Land of Giants!

HereE28099s the fifth part.

The green, grassy meadow runs for miles atop the high cliffs of the Northern Land. Below the cliff is a breathtaking view of green hills and rivers, nature unbound.

Giant spikes of bone penetrate the ground from all directions; was someone or somethingE28099s gut completely ripped from their chest or are they remnants of a creatureE28099s sharp teeth? A natural bridge from a spine was formed, as if that E2809CbridgeE2809D had always existed in nature. ItE28099s strange how something so cruel has turned into something so beautiful.

Any warriors that fall amongst the old will have their bones preyed upon by the vultures that scour the vicinity for any meat left on unturned bones. This is the place of might and heroes, of those who overcome their past grievances and climb the Land of GiantsE28099 steep slopes on their warrior pilgrimage. The question remainsE280A6 will you fall or conquer?

~ WeE28099re hoping you enjoy these maps as much as we like making them. Stay tuned for part six later this month!

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