Ship Vessel

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Coming back to you again with battlemap, this time one of the popular choices from previous map poll.

Reminder: If you can’t access the download files, please check if you have switched to new monthly tiers.C2A0

The massive ship rocks gently upon the waves. It’s an impressive vessel, kept in mint condition in case of a surprise attack or pirate raid. C2A0Several cannons mounted upon it gleam threateningly in the sun, daring anyone in sight to attack the ship. The rickety footbridge leading onto the deck looks like it might break under your feet any minute, but all things considered, it’s the least of your worries. C2A0

This ship will be yours and damn anyone trying to stop you!


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If you are on Experienced Traveller tier, the regular map pack and PDF pack will be available for you through Globetrotter Cartographer Master Post (as seen above).

Thank you for your support! I believe these maps will enrich your journey and create some unforgettable adventures! C2A0Any feedback is extremely welcomed.

If you would like to see specific variations in future or have any ideas in how I can make this experience even better for you, please let me know.

Here is the preview of the tier rewards for this map:

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