The Warlord Class v2.0.0 – Public Release!

Hey all, as per usual I’m excited to share my latest update with you all. I finally buckled down and read the entirety of Warlord material from 4e, and I gotta say, I can see why people loved this class so much – the concept is awesome!

This 2.0.0 update was my attempt to bring my Warlord closer to what the Warlord was in editions past (ie: just 4e). I’ve added in a system of “Tactical Exploits” similar to that of my Alternate Fighter – I hope you like it! It allowed me to include some of the cooler Warlord powers from 4e, and some new abilities of my own creation!

If you’d like to support me, I’ve created TWO Patron-exclusive subclasses as a thank you to my loyal patrons! – The Psionic College Battleminds, and the totally not evil College of Dreadlords!

As always, I’m open to any feedback or constructive criticism you may have!

Change log v2.0.0:

Check it out!