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Hi everyone,

WeE28099re World Forge Miniatures and weE28099re very excited to bring you a free gift today 🙂

Our subscription on MMF Tribes creates unique terrain collections for D&D and other fantasy tabletop games. We visit a new environment every month and design a fun scenery set for you to build an immersive diorama with. All our models come pre-supported and ready to print2E

This month, weE28099re visiting the bustling Goldenleaf Market! The May collection comes with three modular stall sets for a Potions Merchant, Weapons Dealer and a Food Vendor, plus the Market Entrance, scenic bases and some cute market rats 😀

For RN Estudio subscribers, weE28099re sharing the Potions Merchant Stall from MayE28099s modular release!

If you like our miniatures and want to learn more, you can check out the links below. The entire Goldenleaf Market is available for just $9 if you join our Tribe, with the full collection of accessories for your Potions Stall in that set 🙂

World Forge Miniatures Tribe:


We would also like to offer an exclusive discount code for the World Forge Miniatures store, so you can purchase anything from our previous collections at 40% off the regular price! Subscribers get 50% off 😉


Valid Until: 5th June

Thank you so much!

Gem, Martina & Lorena

Ts & Cs

The files are for personal use only and cannot be sold or shared. You must subscribe to the World Forge miniatureE28099s commercial tier to sell our printed miniatures as a merchant.

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